Know about us

We are building a sustainable future

At Greenday, we are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solutions for waste management in various industries, such as the food industry, school food, and animal husbandry.


To create a sustainable future by reducing food, agriculture, and animal waste through biotechnology solutions.

Our team of experts specializes in selecting the right bacteria complex for waste treatment systems, ensuring that our solutions are effective and safe. We aim to upcycle 100% of organic by-products from the food industry and agriculture refuse, turning them into high-quality animal feed additives and fertilizers that promote healthy soil and plant growth.


Lead the way and contribute to the innovation of animal nutrients while reducing waste.

We strive to revolutionize the agricultural industry by providing sustainable solutions that benefit both farmers and the environment. Through our efforts, we hope to create a more circular economy where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and food production is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Together we can make the environment greener!